At Profile, we are not just another vendor.  Our team is built of experienced problem solvers who understand your challenges related to your extruded parts and is ready to support your business.  We assist with the translation of your ideas into finished products.  Profile helps you identify the attributes needed in your product and select the materials that deliver the needed performance. We help you improve current products by understanding the challenges you face and providing effective solutions.  Profile helps you reduce cost by identifying alternative materials, potential design changes or opportunities for us to add more value.  We help you adjust to changes in your business by expanding our capacity to support your growth or adjusting the product to secure a new project or enter a new market.  If your biggest customer changes their plans, we will work with you to adjust our schedule and priorities to support you.  If you need a change to the packaging or other aspects of your parts for a specific customer or project, we will work with you to implement the changes quickly and effectively.   Whatever your extrusion needs may be, from the initial idea to the delivery of the final product, Profile Plastics will be there.

Most importantly, at Profile, you are not just another customer.  As a Profile customer, we know your name.  We know your parts, and we know your needs.  When you need assistance, we are just a phone call away, and a team member will be there to answer your call.

At Profile Plastics, we don’t just make custom extrusions.  We find solutions, and we build relationships.




When you come to Profile, every new opportunity starts with a conversation about your business, your application and your needs.  We build our understanding of how we can give you the parts you need from the beginning.  When this conversation leads to an order for a new part, we conduct a detailed Quality Review.  This leads us to a complete understanding of the dimensions, tolerances, attributes, performance, fabrication, packaging, approval processes, samples and timing you need.  This guides our die trial process and defines the goals for the new tooling and processes.  It feeds into our Quality procedure to ensure every person touching your parts knows your needs.

At Profile, our goal is to see your parts the same way you and your customers see them.  We look beyond the simple dimensional drawing and focus on the part’s purpose while understanding proper fit and functionality in the field.  When we run your parts, we test the capabilities of the parts as you or your customers would during use.  We staple the part to drywall to make sure the parts will not crack during your use.  We test fit the part to ensure easy assembly.  We conduct pull tests to ensure the strength of coextruded bonds.  By replicating the environments and the stress that your part may endure, we see your parts through your eyes.



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